Mwa Luvae (Entry #1) ‘A day to remember’

Veilenhaud was as cold as it was striking in the middle of winter. The Shinraa forest was the worlds largets living body, the trees swayed together and moved in unison as the wind blew through them;  the Shinraa seemed to dance to its own melody, only heard by the mass of leafy acrobats.  The forest was a specific shade of green that was so sharp and bold, that it made you envious.  The Bladeback Mountains were the peeks of earthly mounds that laid in the middle of Veilehaud; always capped with ice, they looked like chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing. The mountains were as tall as they were magnificent, they could be seen from anywhere on Veilehaud but still could take days to reach them.  The Blakeleys farm was lucky enough to be surrounded by the two worldly wonders, they were never without anything to be in awe of.  The three bedroom house and barn were 50 miles from the closest town, which was how the little family liked it. They never had to worry about anyone wondering upon their property and they were sure to never be the victim of vandalism; they were sucluded and still felt connected. The farm was maintained all year long and always gave back abundent amounts of vegetation, the four person family lived comfortably.

Augustus Blakeley was the man of the house, in his early forties and always on the go. He was a master smithy as well, he was in charge of keeping the farm tools in constant usable condition. His brown wirery hair and thick brown beard made him look tough, but his soft blue eyes were almost inviting; the man could bend steel, and still settle a wild bull. His wife Maria, was in her mid-thirties and didn’t look a day over eighteen. Her brownish red hair shimmered in the right sunlight, and her green eyes were filled with passion.  The lady of the house ran the kitchen, she was constantly making huge meals for her little family; but they never went bad, always someone looking for a quick snack in the Blakeleys house.  Rudow was the baby of the house, only 9 years old and already stood as tall as his mother; Rudy as his family called him, was built like his father and had the same exact features minus the facial hair.  The last link in the family ring, was Johnny. John was a young man of fifteen years, and looked almost nothing like the rest of his family. Johns blonde hair and gray eyes made him look foriegn compared to the Blakeleys; he was even paler then them, looking almost ghostly next to them.  John and Rudy were best of friends and nearly inseperable, Rudow followed John every where, two of a kind Augustus  would always say. The Blakeleys lived to live, never expecting any trouble because they never caused any; but usually the silent types are the ones to watch for.

Mwa Luvae (Death Becomes) Saturday January 29th, 2011,  Entry #1

Look out for Entry #2  ‘When the day began’


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