Mwa Luvae(Entry#2)- ‘When the day began’

If this were any other day, John and Rudow would have been outside playing in the snow, but this was not going to be a routine day for the two boys. No, today would prove to be a day that they could never forget, nor change even if they wanted to.

“Lets go Rudy,” echoed Augustus’ booming voice,” We need to get toVisnear before the rest of Veilenhaud.”

Rudow was rushing down the steps, nearly toppling head over heels, John close behind him.

“Ok dad,” announced Rudow,” I’m ready.” Rudow stood with his back straight and his chest pumped out,  making you feel like he was ready for any order you would give him.

“Carriage is already loaded, since your mother was nice enough to help,” Augustus said with a hint of disappointment in his voice. Rudow turned red and looked toward his mother for a way out but she only shook her head as well

“Well have fun,” said Johnny,” I am going to make sure all the weeds are pulled out by the time you get home tonight.” John finished his sentence and turned towards Agustus; John mocked Rudows little salute , clicked his heels and ventured into the backyard.

John just fit the last of his hand into the gardening gloves when Agustus yelled from atop the carriage,”See you guys later.” Maria now moved next to John, put an arm around him and used the other to wave goodbye.  The two remained still waving until the carriage was out of site. John took in a deep breath, turned to Maria and said,” Well I am going to start the weeding.”

“I will call you when lunch is done,” responded Maria. The red haired maiden moved back inside the house and immediately could be seen through the window working on the forth coming meal. John bent down and started pulling up all the nasty little weeds and dead plants, there was about a forty foot section he was tasked with clearing up. All day the sun was beating on John and the cold winter air was biting on his neck, his body didn’t know wether  it wanted to perspirate or horripilate. Spring was coming but the winter cold seemed determined to surpress it, the sun shown but the clouds shaded; the air dried up alittle but the atomosphere was foggy. After about four hours of non stop plucking, Maria came to the back door of the house and called to John,” Lunch is ready.”

“Ok, on my way in a second,” called back John. John raised himself up to a standing position and marched toward the back door. In the distance a small trembling sound started becoming more and more distinct. It was the thumping of horse hooves,  John ran to the side of the house to peer down the road and to his surprise it was not Augustus andd Rudow,a small band of Veilenhaud guardsmen. John ran inside to Maria and explained the situation and she followed him outside. Both of them stood in anticipation as the dispatch came closer and closer to their home.

“Good afternoon,” called one of the more decorated guardsman from atop his horse,” Is the man of the house around. I believe it was an Augustus Blakesme, Blakesby.”

“Blakesley,”corrected Maria,” What, if I may ask, is the meaning of your presense, sir.”

“Captain Dorr,” replied Dorr with a slight bow,” If you dont mind, this is a matter for the primary deed holder to this property. If he is not around I may ask that you give him this most important of documents. I will also be stopping by again at a later time, for I am sure he will have questions.”

“Thank you Captain,” Maria said catiously, accepting the document. Dorr moved his gaze back around to his men and issued the command,” Back to post men.”

With that the guardsmen and their captain rode of , slowly disappearing from their sight. Maria stood staring at the message; which had a royal stamp and was secured by a red bow. Maria looked up at John with confused eyes,” Ill wait till Augustus is home to open this. Lets eat.”

John ate two pieces of Marias shepards pie and had a bit of milk, “Who were those men,” he asked to himself. The more he thought about it the more his head hurt, he decided to stop meditating over something that was none of his business. After a few minutes of cleaning up, Maria came out to help John finish up his chores; the two plucked and pulled , raked and mulched all the garden well before the sun sank to the horizon. The sky flashed colors of red, purple, yellow and blue; all of them swirled together around the sun, it almost looked like a drain after it was used to wash off  paint brushes. As John and Maria finished returning their tools and gloves to their rightful place, Maria turned to John,”Now you can help me set up the table for when Agustus gets home.”

 John and Maria moved into the house and set the silverware in each of the places were the four member family would be sitting. John always loved to hear Agustus’ stories from the days he went into town, he rather enjoyed the way he characterized every one of the towns people; especially Barthalumue, whom John had a particular dislike for. Within minutes of finishing the silverware placement, Agustus and Rudow were home and settling down from the two hour carriage ride home. The family stuffed themselves full of Shepards pie, but to Johns amazement nothing from Maria to Augustus about the appearance of the guardsmen.

“Oh, hey Johnny, looky at what dad got me,” Rudow reached deep into his pocket and pulled out a small golden colored dragon statue; the trinket stood only a mere two inches tall,  and weighed close to a half a pound,” Isn’t it cool.”

Johns eyes sparkled as he stared at the little toy, he reached out to touch it but before he could Rudow pulled it out of his reach,” Dad got you one too.”

“Here you go,”  Augustus pulled another identical silver dragon out of his pocket and handed it to the eager boy,” No playing at the dinner table. Ill take them away if I catch any misplay.”

Both boys nodded to Augustus and turned to faced each others excited face. The boys finished clearing the table for Maria and ran upstairs to enjoy their new toys…..

Mwa Luvae(Death Becomes) Sunday January 30th, 2011

Next- Entry#3  ‘At the end of the day’


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