Mwa Luvae(Entry #3)- ‘At the end of the day’

John and Rudow now played with their statues everyday, coming up with scripts for the plays they would put on for Maria and Augustus; they were always arguing with each other over whose dragon was good and bad till they finally agreed that they would take turns, per Augustus’ orders. On this day the boys set up a make shift castle and even picked some grass from outside to really liven up this particular play.

“Ladys and Gentlemen,” announced Rudow with much emphasism,” Tonight we will be showing you the play of the Dragons egg.”

Augustus and Maria made a face that explained they were excited and appluaded;  they did this every time and always right after Rudows opening speech. John and Rudow were now standing away from their castle and both had their respective dragons grippped tight.

“Roar,” screeched John in his best dragon voice,” I am  Valore, the silver dragon from the Swardian realm. I have come to take your dragon eggs and these lands.””

“Roar,” returned Rudow with his golden dragon in flight,” Well I am Goldore and I will not allow you to take these lands or our eggs.”

“Rudy I thought we talked about that, its dumb your dragons name sounds the same as mine,” whined John,”It was suppose to be Erudion.”

“Well I dont like Erudion,” replied Rudy,” I want it to be Goldore.”

“Now boys,” interupted Maria,” Just go on with your wonderful play.”

John and Rudow looked at each other and nodded,” OK.”

“I am going to burn down your castle,” yelled Johns dragon,” Watch your eggs and land as they burn.”

“Noooo,” Rudow spat,” I will stop you.”

As the boys both ascended toward their makeshift castle, the two tripped over each others legs and toppled to the ground. John screamed out in pain as the dragon statues scales ripped a bit of the flesh of his finger; the dragon flew across the room and John laid holding his injured limb. Maria moved to Johns side to inspect the wound while Rudow got back on his feet.

“Well we should try and clean it up,” said Maria softly,” Lets go wash it up in the bathe room.”

“Sorry Johnny,” called Rudow as the door to the bathe room closed behind them.

Rudow was  upstairs putting away the dragon statues as John entered the room; he wasn’t sure how to approach the situation, so he just said,” How is your finger Johnny?”

“Its ok,” said John a little broken spirited,”Do you know where my dragon statue is.”

“Yeah I got it right here,” answered Rudow. The younger of the two boys moved to the dresser and pulled out Johnnys dragon, and handed it to him.

John inspected the dragon statue for any kind of damage, he didn’t stop until he was positive it was still in one piece; as John moved the figurine through his fingers, a tiny bit of blood seeped through his bandages and leaked onto the dragon statue. Instantly the trinket made a small clicking noise and a tiny piece of parchment fell from the bottom of the base.

“What the,” John said stunned.

“Let me see,” Rudow said snatching the small slip of paper from Johns hands,” I can’t read this at all.”

John and Rudow studied the small figurine and found that the bottom had resealed; no apparent openings were present. The slip of paper was unfamiliar even to the more educated John. What did it mean to the boys, they had no idea but they were certain it was special….

Mwa Luvae(Entry#3)-  ‘At days end of the day’     Wednesday February 2nd, 2011

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